A regular group of Champs!

Last week at La Siesta in Smyrna we had a surplus of teams playing! 13 in total! This Monday, after all those visitors had gorged themselves on turkey and headed back home, we were back to our silly gang of regulars.

5 teams that are so friendly with each other, and so welcoming to newcomers, they make it a joy and a riot to host! Whoever wins celebrates with gusto (sometimes there’s even a winning lap involved), and there is applause and cheers for everyone who plays! Even if you head home with 0 points and only your dignity in tact, this group of people will cheer and applaud as though you just won Gold on the 200m Slalom!

La Siesta in Smyrna, where the cheering and applause would make you think we were hosting the Olympic Games. Monday at 7pm! Come join us!

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