About Us


NerdyTalk Trivia is changing the game for team trivia nights. Our hosts, questions, and format are different than the monotonous, boring trivia nights you are used to. No more “Who was the president of Uganda in 1912” questions coming from a host whose personality is even more outdated than the questions he asks. From pop culture to history, sports to fashion, and everywhere in between, if you lived in the 70’s, 80’s, or 90’s then our questions and our hosts are going to make your night frackin’ awesome!

Taking over the south one city at a time, NerdyTalk Trivia specializes in increasing the sales of sports bars, pubs, Mexican restaurants, and more since 2010. We also provide entertaining trivia nights for everything from corporate events to social mixers. Our forte` has been proving we are unique and better than trivia companies who have been doing the same, boring rounds of trivia for what seems like an eternity. Get your friends and come see the new style of live, team trivia!

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