Despite only hosting as a backup right now due to school obligations, Mitch is our most tenured host. He is also one of MTSU’s most turned students—squeezing a 4 year Parks&Rec Degree in 6 years.
Our red bearded Van Wilder wanna-be is obviously Nerdy Talk’s resident frat boy. Despite our best to break his fratastic ways, you will still sometimes catch him in Sperry’s, schedmium T-Shirts, and bright red shorts that are only out glowed by the sun itself. And, yes, you guessed it, he DOES drive a 4Runner with camo-seat covers.

Mitch is easily smarter than he looks, but clearly much less intelligent than he seems. He has talked himself into being banned from a local sports bar, often mispronounces words in a way that could only be intentional, and eats more Taco Bell weekly than most consume in a year.
Call it lack of public speaking ability or possibly just an incredible sense of humor…Either way Mitch is a fantastic trivia host and is loved by trivia goers all over Murfreesboro.
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