When you are a trivia master, you want to share your ways with the masses – or make fun of them in public amongst friends and strangers when they miss a 2-point question. Alex has long enjoyed playing trivia with friends in both his hometown of Charleston, SC and his now home in Nashville, so he figured: if you can beat them, join them. As a host, he enjoys punny team names, teams that get the “Name that Song/Artist” bonus after Round 6, and people who laugh at his bad jokes (FYI – it gets you a few extra points here and there)
When not working with sports organizations to better understand their fan bases in order to make data driven decisions, Alex can be found traveling, playing sports (last week, he messed around and got a triple double), and enjoying Nashville’s food scene (he is open to recommendations, but you will get something thrown at you if you suggest a place with small plates).
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