Those who can do, those who can’t host trivia!!  After failing at trying to win for a year and realizing there may not be a light in my victory tunnel, I begged, pleaded, bribed stalked and threathened seth till he let me start hosting and it seams to be a great method because here I am!! img_8124-copy

As a transplant from the north, it’s a sure bet that you will never hear me say “fixin” or “y’all” and I am
still trying to figure out how many “Rocky Tops” one will hear while attending a UT game, I always lose count after I have used all the fingers and toes of everyone sitting in my section! It’s a great honor to live in a place  with so much state pride!

In summation, the underlining fact remains that in group trivia the problem isn’t that there are no answers, it’s that there are so many answers!!

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