Sullivan’s Sports Bar Results — 12/6/17

In a very close game at Sullivan’s Sports Bar tonight, it was Quizzed in my Pants that took home the first place prize of a $20 gift certificate. They know their 90s sitcoms, and it paid off for them tonight. Congratulations!

“Catch Me if You Canjo” Wins a Barnburner at Sullivan’s

We had a great and competitive game at Sullivan’s Sports Bar in Smyrna tonight. Going into final trivia, the top 4 teams were separated by just 4 points. In the end, Catch Me if You Canjo came from behind to take home first place and the $20 gift certificate. Congratulations!

Catch Me if You Canjo Takes it Home at Sullivan’s

In a hotly contested battle at Sullivan’s in Smyrna tonight, it was Catch Me if You Canjo that took home the $20 gift card. Anchor Down came in 2nd and won the $10 gift card. Congratulations!

Anchor Down Goes Back to Back at Sullivan’s

Congratulations to Anchor Down, who won for the 2nd straight week at Sullivan’s Sports Bar tonight!

Anchor Down Wins at Sullivans!

Anchor Down has hit a bit of a hot streak the last few weeks. Their win tonight at Sullivan’s Sports Bar in Smyrna was their 2nd in the last few weeks. They were the winner of a $20 gift certificate tonight. Congratulations!

Canjaws: The Revenge Reclaims the Throne at Sullivan’s

Since we’ve started this game at Sullivan’s Sports Bar on Wednesday nights, the Canjo team has won more games than any other team. But after a bit of a drought that saw them finish outside the top 2 the last few weeks, they came back with a vengeance tonight, and took home the $20 gift certificate. Congratulations!

‘Anchor Down’ takes home the (black and) gold at Sullivan’s!

It came down to bid strategy at Sullivan’s Sports Bar tonight. With a near impossible final trivia question concerning the song “What Does the Fox Say?”, being conservative with your bids was going to be really important. Anchor Down took home a $20 gift certificate to Sullivan’s Sports Bar by being super conservative with their bid. Congratulations!

Wisdom of Buddhas Reigns Supreme at Sullivan’s!

Buddhas took home the top prize at Sullivan’s Sports Bar tonight! Hot Chicks took home 2nd place after a hotly contested overtime question.

Comeback Story at Sullivan’s Sports Bar!


I love when the Final Trivia question changes the scoreboard so dramatically, that a team who began the round towards the bottom of the standings ends up walking away with the grand prize. That’s exactly what happened last night at Sullivan’s Sports Bar.


Hair and My Food began the Final Trivia round in 5th place, but they were the only team to get the question correct. The question? “What is the name of the mouse in the movie ‘The Green Mile’?” You could have given me 100 guesses at that one, and I would have never come close. But they knew it, and they took home a $20 gift certificate to Sullivan’s Sports Bar. Congratulations!

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