“Most Glorious Supreme Leader,” leads supremely at Mill Creek Brewing Co. 12/7/17

These guys from #OutlandUSA secured 1st place again this week in Nolensville. 

“Most Glorious Supreme Leader,” Takes First Place at Mill Creek Brewibg Co. 

The guys from #OutlandUSA took the first place position away from The Bloomers this week at Mill Creek Brewing Company. 

The Bloomers do it Again!

At Mill Creek Brewing Co.’s tap room, this juggernaut of a team has a 9/10 winning streak. Not only are they great with trivia but their math skills are also excellent. They wager enough points every week to beat the second-place team by a single point. Can no one slow this teams roll?!

“A Reptile Dysfunction” Standing Proud Tonight

Nolensplace regulars, A Reptile Dysfunction, took first place last night.

Winners at Nolensplace

First place last night went to team Last Place 

Mill Creek Brewing Company 1st Place Winners

This week’s winners, MouseRat, the title away from the long time 1st place holder, The Bloomers. 

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