The Mayor Did Not Approve This Team Name

Last week, Mayor Barry’s Light Railing took the gold. They’d also get my vote for best team name. Who will win tonight? Come by Nama Sushi tonight at 7:30 to find out.

Emotional Support Peacocks are smarter than you think

Emotional Peacocks are all the rage tonight. They are at they airport, in the news, and playing trivia. Congratulations to tonight’s winners @Nama, Emotional Support Peacock.

Taint Too Proud for Trivia

This week’s winners at Nama were a group of regulars. They are always consistent but don’t always come out on top. This week they did. Congrats to “Taint Too Proud To Peg”

“Better Than HQ”

You heard it here folks, trivia at Nama is “Better than HQ”. Well, that’s in the opinion of tonight’s winner who was a solo act by the same name. Congratulations, “Better than HQ”! Welcome back and we hope to see you next week at Nama. which was a solo act by the same name. Congratulations, “Better than HQ”! Welcome back and we hope to see you next week at Nama. 

First Tuesday Trivia Night at Nama of 2018

The first trivia night at Nama of 2018 is already in the books. Team “Hushpuppies” came from behind for the win. It was a great night but if everyone took a shot every time I said 2017, we’d all be dead. 

That time Patrick Duffy made you $30 richer…

Last week’s game at Nama was a nail biter. We actually had to go into sudden death overtime to find a winner. Who will win this week’s Christmas edition trivia at Nama tonight? I’ll see you at 7:30 to find out…

Who will bring home tonight’s top prize?

Last week was a crazy seesaw battle where the final question definitely shook up the standings. Who will win tonight? Come to Nama Sushi and find out. Game starts at 7:30. 

To be continued…

Pictured is last week’s first place team 

Hold on to your giblets, kids!

Some familiar faces are our champions this week; however, this time with a new name. You’re a Gizzard, Harry is heading into Thanksgiving next week as our top team in the power rankings. 

Trivia was all about the numbers tonight, as in 859

Team 859 cleaned up tonight and brought home first prize! It was a well fought game all around and a fairly large crowd. Remember trivia is first come first serve at but Nama does allow reservations. 

Bob Newby, Super-good at trivia

Today’s Halloween edition of trivia was super scary and on point. An old team with a new name and some new faces was back on top…congratulations you guys!
But will they stay there next week? 

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