‘Anchor Down’ takes home the (black and) gold at Sullivan’s!

It came down to bid strategy at Sullivan’s Sports Bar tonight. With a near impossible final trivia question concerning the song “What Does the Fox Say?”, being conservative with your bids was going to be really important. Anchor Down took home a $20 gift certificate to Sullivan’s Sports Bar by being super conservative with their bid. Congratulations!

Everyone loves a comeback story!

…well, except maybe those that end up losing.

From my experience, final trivia can be either a blessing or a curse. When I play trivia, it’s the reason why my team would sometimes get knocked off the top spot, or from dead last to somehow placing. For many teams, last night’s question was a curse.

The question was simple: name two of Shania Twain’s five albums. I mean, we live in Nashville, just by breathing the air here you should know at least three of them. However, Shania’s first self-titled album was called “Shania Twain” and not simply “Shania”… and just like that, the 1st place team got knocked off, the 4th place team got 1st, and the 11th place team shot up to 2nd place. Just goes to show, it’s best to be careful with your answers… and your bids!

10/17/2017, TN Brew Works

Congrats to the winning team, Pop Tart Paninis! They made us wonder…is a panini a sandwich? What is a pop tart?

Catch us every Tuesday night at 7pm at TN Brew Works!

Liquid Smoke on the ‘Boro Square

One of our newest locations, Liquid Smoke in the ‘Boro, getting ready to start on a Tuesday night at 8pm. You can easily see the joy on the faces of the players as they soak in the well-curated musical playlist of their host. With over 250 beers to choose from and an abundant cigar selection, Liquid Smoke offers an adult friendly environment (21 & up) that Nerdy Talk Trivia complements nicely. Come enjoy the Square, and if you’re smart enough to win a gift certificate you may just cover your evening’s libations. 

Wisdom of Buddhas Reigns Supreme at Sullivan’s!

Buddhas took home the top prize at Sullivan’s Sports Bar tonight! Hot Chicks took home 2nd place after a hotly contested overtime question.

Mill Creek Brewing Company 1st Place Winners

This week’s winners, MouseRat, the title away from the long time 1st place holder, The Bloomers. 

Tuesday Trivia at Nama Sushi…

Trivia at Nama this week was on point. It appears that more than half of Vanderbilt has gotten word on the amazing food/drink deals and how awesome or trivia really is! Tuesday was a packed house with some stiff competition. First and second place was only separated by 1 point. Congratulations to “Ain’t Too Proud Too Peg” on a hard fought victory.

I cannot wait to see what happens next week!!!

Don’t forget trivia starts at 7:30.

Comeback Story at Sullivan’s Sports Bar!


I love when the Final Trivia question changes the scoreboard so dramatically, that a team who began the round towards the bottom of the standings ends up walking away with the grand prize. That’s exactly what happened last night at Sullivan’s Sports Bar.


Hair and My Food began the Final Trivia round in 5th place, but they were the only team to get the question correct. The question? “What is the name of the mouse in the movie ‘The Green Mile’?” You could have given me 100 guesses at that one, and I would have never come close. But they knew it, and they took home a $20 gift certificate to Sullivan’s Sports Bar. Congratulations!

07/19/2017, Pueblo Real

Wall of Champions

1st place goes to “Ladies Night”

“Sodbusters” won 2nd prize!

“#nameless” won 3rd prize!

07/12/2017, Pueblo Real

Wall of Champions

“Dawson’s Harem” won 1st place!

2nd prize goes to “Sassy Seis”

“Fido” won 3rd prize!

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