The Mayor Did Not Approve This Team Name

Last week, Mayor Barry’s Light Railing took the gold. They’d also get my vote for best team name. Who will win tonight? Come by Nama Sushi tonight at 7:30 to find out.

Air Hockey

Big thanks to Indoor Garage Sale, LLC. A thrift/liquidation store for donating a grand prize of an air hockey table with table tennis top.

Competitive Game at Sullivan’s Sports Bar

It came down to strategy on the final trivia question tonight at Sullivan’s Sports Bar. In the end, Logan came out on top because of their conservative bid. They took home the $20 gift certificate. Congratulations!

We love out shows

This week at Davos almost everyone got out final trivia question right.  Must be a lot of SVU fans out there.

1st Place – Money Pit
2nd Place – C-A-T-S
3rd Place – Name??

Anchor Down Locks the Top Prize Down at Sullivan’s

It was a big and competitive game at Sullivan’s Sports Bar tonight. In the end, it was Anchor Down taking home the $20 gift certificate for 1st place. Congratulations!

Emotional Support Peacocks are smarter than you think

Emotional Peacocks are all the rage tonight. They are at they airport, in the news, and playing trivia. Congratulations to tonight’s winners @Nama, Emotional Support Peacock.

Cold outside, Hot trivia inside

Temperatures  were falling outside but it was red hot with nerdy knowledge inside.

1st Place – Name>>

Sassy Britches Snag 1st

Team, Sassy Britches, take first place at Old Chicago in Cool Springs last Tuesday.

Sullivan’s Sports Bar Results — 1/24/18

We had a great, competitive game tonight at Sullivan’s Sports Bar. It came down to the Final Trivia question, but in the end, Hot Chicks took home the $20 gift certificate. Congratulations!

Taint Too Proud for Trivia

This week’s winners at Nama were a group of regulars. They are always consistent but don’t always come out on top. This week they did. Congrats to “Taint Too Proud To Peg”

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