Last chance in 2017 to be nerdy

Tonight was a blast from the past as we did a special best of 2017 themed trivia.  If you paid attention all year you might have already know some of the answers to our questions.  I look forward to what the new year brings and who will take our top spots in 2018.  Thanks to everyone who came out and got nerdy with us this year.

1st place – Money Pit
2nd place – Ry’s Troops
3rd place – Bourbon Elf

The One Time Knowing The 12 Days of Christmas Comes in Handy

It was a special Christmas edition of Nerdy Talk Trivia tonight at Sullivan’s Sports Bar in Smyrna. The game was fierce, and came down to the final trivia question. Hot Chicks won by knowing how many types of birds are mentioned in the 12 Days of Christmas, and they won the $20 gift card for 1st place! Congratulations!

That time Patrick Duffy made you $30 richer…

Last week’s game at Nama was a nail biter. We actually had to go into sudden death overtime to find a winner. Who will win this week’s Christmas edition trivia at Nama tonight? I’ll see you at 7:30 to find out…

“Most Glorious Supreme Leader,” leads supremely at Mill Creek Brewing Co. 12/7/17

These guys from #OutlandUSA secured 1st place again this week in Nolensville. 

Sullivan’s Sports Bar Results — 12/6/17

In a very close game at Sullivan’s Sports Bar tonight, it was Quizzed in my Pants that took home the first place prize of a $20 gift certificate. They know their 90s sitcoms, and it paid off for them tonight. Congratulations!

Valley Brook Boys Back on Top

After a couple of weeks away, the Valley Brook Boys found themselves back on top of the trivia leaderboard at Logan’s Roadhouse on Thursday. Consistency was key, as the VBB were in the top three at the half before riding a hot second half to secure the victory. Congrats guys!

A regular group of Champs!

Last week at La Siesta in Smyrna we had a surplus of teams playing! 13 in total! This Monday, after all those visitors had gorged themselves on turkey and headed back home, we were back to our silly gang of regulars.

5 teams that are so friendly with each other, and so welcoming to newcomers, they make it a joy and a riot to host! Whoever wins celebrates with gusto (sometimes there’s even a winning lap involved), and there is applause and cheers for everyone who plays! Even if you head home with 0 points and only your dignity in tact, this group of people will cheer and applaud as though you just won Gold on the 200m Slalom!

La Siesta in Smyrna, where the cheering and applause would make you think we were hosting the Olympic Games. Monday at 7pm! Come join us!

Who will bring home tonight’s top prize?

Last week was a crazy seesaw battle where the final question definitely shook up the standings. Who will win tonight? Come to Nama Sushi and find out. Game starts at 7:30. 

To be continued…

Pictured is last week’s first place team 

This win was just cold

This week thanks to Indoor Garage Sake, LLC. A Thrift/Liquidation Store we were able to give away a table top ice maker to our first place team.  The big prize went to one of our long standing regular teams Money Pit.  Congrats guys.

“Catch Me if You Canjo” Wins a Barnburner at Sullivan’s

We had a great and competitive game at Sullivan’s Sports Bar in Smyrna tonight. Going into final trivia, the top 4 teams were separated by just 4 points. In the end, Catch Me if You Canjo came from behind to take home first place and the $20 gift certificate. Congratulations!

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