Opinionary is our new twist on team trivia that features Family Feud style questions with the team trivia format! If you enjoy watching Family Feud then you will love Opinionary!


You are still playing as a
team and submitting answers just as you
would during our regular trivia.opinionary-facebook However, now ALL the questions are Family Feud style questions with the “correct” answers actually being the most popular answers from 100 people surveyed! You and your friends get to guess the top four answers for each question and get points for each one you get correct. If you love family feud, trivia, or just hanging out with your friends winning free food then you gotta try Opinionary!

You can currently play Opinionary in the following cities:

Spring Hill @ Froggy & Jeffro’s at 730pm on Wednesdays!

Manchester @ Praters BBQ at 7pm on Thursdays!

Nashville @ Flipside on Wednesdays, Hurry Back on Thursdays, & Two Bits at on Thursdays!




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